Being a "world citizen" actually, derives from the membership in a broader class - "humanity". This does not mean that such a person denounces their nationality or other, more local identities. Such identities are just given "second place" to a more global citizenship - the "world citizenship". 

The idea behind is that one’s identity transcends geography or political borders and that responsibilities or rights can all be derived from being human. Extended, the idea leads to questions about the state of a global society or being cosmopolitan especially in the age of globalization. 

This website is the attempt to help cosmopolitans, global or world citizens to get and to stay in contact with each other more easily.

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The website's main languages are English and German. 


This website started out in 2002 in the living room of its founder, and it’s been there ever since. Its content is mainly based on Heinrich's journey through life and the internet up to the present. It reflects his thoughts, developed over many, many years, as he sought answers to various questions he saw as vital.

Over the years this website developed to a sort of modern collage art project - a living assemblage of different forms of information bits from all around the world and the world wide web, thus creating a new whole on a daily basis. You will find most of the contributors here

Don't hesitate to look up some poemssongsjokesquotesproverbs or movie lines on this website. This will influence the "best of lists" automatically.

Heinrich's idea behind this website was an attempt to recreate the "good old days" when a few friends just met to drink beer, a glass of wine or whisky, and talked, and talked - sometimes exchanging really deep thoughts.   

And now we are getting a little bit further by creating a community website for world citizens. Feel free to participate, and help to make the world more awesome.


About the website's founder

Heinrich is a crisis management executive, who is interested in how people and organizations seek the good life in our present-day world. He is particularly interested in ancient Greek and modern Western philosophies. He first got into this subject because he found out while working for the military, and realized to what extent our emotions and behavior can make our and others' lives a misery.

Today, he is on his way to becoming a freelance trainer & consultant. Meanwhile, he organizes meetings and individual as well as group travels around the world. He also helps to run the European Federalists, which is the biggest non-governmental and supranational organization dedicated to the promotion of a democratic and federal Europe.

As this website develops, we aim to assume no knowledge and believe that even the most withered old philosopher will find it very entertaining and thought-provoking, if not actually, well, funny and informative.

While browsing this website you will find parts of it where you can leave a comment. You may also just leave us a note. Feel free to do so!


About the website's members

Since it is free to participate at and also very easy to quit again, you will find new members every day. According to their personal settings on this website, you will be able to see or contact them. 

We think it is best when you join this community together with some friends to be able to start and maintain conversations and discussions right from the beginning.

Anyway, Heinrich is always looking for some interesting folks to talk to.

So don't hesitate to join the best homemade network ever created 😉


About the website's interest groups

On this website, you may find different interest groups according to your personal settings and user rights. Also, you will be able to join some of them or even start new ones. These interest groups may have their own calendars and forums to share information between its members.